incident management

Software platform for events and alarms manage from automation systems and not just that.

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service: sos

On-call manage and complete incident management: the software platform "NIRIS SOS" manages reports through speech synthesis (last generation TTS), SMS, E-MAIL, Chatbot. Thanks to the use of ML advanced techniques the system is able to predict events from critical infrastructure like: water cycle (acqueducts, purification plants) and facilities that creat, stock and distribute energy (hydroelectric, photovoltaic, wind power, e-mobility).

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Over 500.000 alarms managed and 1.200 activated systems.

Continuos experience and innovation.
Activated from 2013: every day NIRIS SOS manages hundreds of emergences.



Activated applications thanks to SOS platform


Remote control of water cycle

Thanks to our software over 800 systems of water cycle are controlled (acqueducts, purification plants, lifts, mesure points and more).



In our platform are activeted around 400 systems of production and distribution of energy (hydroelectric, photovoltaic, wind power, e-mobility).

Machine Learning


Applied research in ML techniques. Thanks to more than 300.000 managed alarms, a 7 years database and by integrating external data sources (first of all weather) we are developing predictive models in incident management of water and energy cycle.