data science

Data acquisition, modeling and analysis.

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service: memini

Memini is a complete software platform for collecting and analyzing data. We deal with the customization of interface and user experience depending on the domain and client requests. Our purpose is to give value to data.


M2M, Big Data, System Integration

Data analysis in different contexts and domains. Trasversal technologies used in different real applications. We always try to learn from data and experience: today even machines do that.



Activated applications thanks to MEMINI platform


Charging stations for electric vehicles

Thanks to the new EVSP version to start from 2020 we are able to communicate with charging nets fot electric vehicles and analyze data in near-real-time. Today 100 charging points are activated.


Water and smart farming

Water resource and phytocomplex are essentials as well as a controlled stress condition in agriculture field. In this context fits tha smart farming application of Niris. The first projects already run now by now in wine context.

Machine Learning


Applied research in Machine Learning techniques. Thanks to more and more accurate data sources (for example local weather forecast with 1km^2 resolution) we are developing predictive models, especially in agricolture.