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Collect. Learn. Prevent.

Niris collect data, learn from them and prevent hazards: software for supervision and remote control of technologically advanced systems.

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industrial iot

We have an experience of over 15 years in development and management software as service (SaaS) in field of monitoring and industrial automation. We are committed to give value to data, incident management and supervision and control software.


Critical infrastructure

Thanks to our software solutions more than 1200 systems are constantly monitored. We get specialized in two resources: water and energy.

Smart farming and health

Advanced tracking in agricolture field to garantee the top quality of products, phytocomplex preservation, judicious use of chemistry and resources save.


Research and A.I.

Applied research is essential for us: the new frontier is Machine Learning, so called Artificial Intelligence. Go to the news!


Some applications of our services: SOS and MEMINI


Monitoring and remote control

Thanks to our software we track more over 800 systems of the water cycle (aqueducts, purification plants, lifts, measuring points and other) and almost 400 production and distribution energy systems (hydroelectric, photovoltaic, charging stations for electric vehicles).


Smart agricolture

Thanks to the integration of stations and sensors in the fields, standard and innovative ones, we are able to offer a complete solution of monitoring and predictive management of the crops' state. It's a system for a controlled stress condition of the plant phytochemicals that gives advantages to the end quality product.



Research and development projects in Artificial Intelligence field (Deep Neural Network Architecture) for analysation and generation of texts, images, sounds, incident management and agro/bio tech.