NIRIS S.r.l. was born in 2013 as start-up inside Progetto Manifattura in Rovereto with the only purpose to create devices for pavement control. here comes the name: neve (snow) + camera.

During the years the company activities evolved, keeping the business core on monitoring systems: from smart farming to industrial automation, from track of critical infrastructure to IoT products.
Now by now the company boasts the manage of security and monitoring software of more than 1200 facilities around Garda Lake.


In parallel with the introduction of new products evolved the company brand too, still an idea of the founder and owner Andrea Turso.
Niris represents at best what we do today: no more just one aim, but a serie of projects that engage us in new challenges and particular sectors.

n.i.r.i.s. ?

n: nature

Our software are centered on natural resources and Nature. Water, smart farming, alarms managing of aqueducts and purification plants, electric mobility: we contribute to the manage of essential resources.

i: infrastructure

We intervent in tracking of critical infrastructure like: water cycle, energy, mobility, streets and highways.

r: research

In the center of the development of our products there is the research: applied and pragmatic.

i: information

The mean we use to reach our aim: the science of information.

s: sustainability

Our purpose: increase the sustainability and resilience of the assets we monitore and optimize day by day. Continuos learning and improvement for us and our software.


Our workplace is still inside Piazza manifattura, but... a few feet away.

To start from 2021 Be Factory will be the new operative space of Niris: brighter and bigger to accomodate the young new employers and to give place to ideas to grow.